The prefects are a group of student leaders. They work closely with the staff, taking responsibility for the running of activities throughout the year. Prefects represent the school on important occasions and are excellent role models. They take up their duties in March / April of 5th Year.

Prefect Selection Process

Prefect application forms can be accessed from this web page once instructed by your Year Head.

No late application will be accepted.

The selection process for prefect is inclusive of the following…...

  • the submitted Google form

  • demonstration of leadership within the school

  • feedback from management, tutors, staff & the extra-curricular department

  • attendance & punctuality record since 1st year

  • attention to the code of behaviour since 1st year

Qualification for the role of prefect

To qualify to for the position of Prefect…

You will have demonstrated a consistently positive approach to the school and your learning, this means:

  • Reliability - Very good attendance and punctuality

  • Presentation - wearing full school uniform. Also, adherence to school expectations of jewelry.

  • Good conduct - Consistently positive and co-operative conduct in all lessons, curricular and extracurricular activities.

  • Respect - positively acknowledge the authority of the school at all levels

  • Organisation - coursework and homework being completed within time frame set and attendance to set meetings

As a prefect you are expected to…

  • Uphold the school’s code of behaviour, demonstrate responsibility and reliability

  • Actively support and promote St Colmcille’s mission statement

  • Be a good ambassador for the school

  • Be willing to take on extra responsibility, show initiative and to volunteer in key situations

  • Act as a role model for all students of St Colmcille’s

  • Liaise and collaborate with each other, as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of the school