What is a Buddy?

A Buddy is a fifth year student chosen to help ease the new students into their first year. They also help the students to become familiar with the school, staff and the answer any queries they may have.

Who are they?

Each Buddy wears a badge with the logo "Cara" on it. This makes it easier for students to distinguish the Buddies from other students. From personal experience, attending a new school with 600 other students was very overwhelming and it was comforting to be able to recognise my Buddies by their circular badge worn on their jumper.

Buddies as School Leaders

​The Buddy System is another initiative that promotes Student Leadership within our school. The Buddies are a group of Fifth Year students who demonstrate leadership qualities on a daily basis around our school. They set a good example for the younger students, are respectful and responsible, they have a positive attitude and they are reliable and dedicated.

Our twenty-five Fifth Year Buddies have already shown great leadership in the school by welcoming our First Year students into St Colmcille’s at the start of the year. The Buddies gave our new students a tour of the school and answered any questions along the way. They also organised games and activities for them, helping them get to know people in their tutor group and make new friends. The Buddies work closely with the team of First Year tutors and the Year Head and attend registration most mornings to make sure that the First Years are settling in well.

The Buddies also organised and help supervise lunchtime activities for the First Years. They assist with the lunchtime club where First Years can chat, eat their lunch and make new friends. The Buddies also helped with the supervision of sports on the astro pitch at lunchtime with the First Year students. Our Buddies will also mentor our first year students in the run up to their first set of formal exams in November.

Buddies - Student List
What Our 1st Years Say About the Buddies