Home Economics

Senior Cycle

Home Economics is about empowering individuals, families and communities. It aims to help young people to establish values, attitudes, knowledge and skills which will empower them to make well-informed decisions about their lifestyle, and act on these decisions.

Home Economics is an applied subject, combining theory with practical work, so that students will understand concepts and have the ability to solve problems using skills developed. Throughout the course there is an emphasis on the relationship between individuals, their families, and their environments, both immediate and distant. We aim to promote a sense of responsibility towards sustaining resources within those environments.

Assessment is through a terminal exam paper (80%) and a practical exam (20%).

Core Topics

  • Food Studies

  • Social Studies

  • Resource Management

  • Consumer Studies


The elective allows students the opportunity to undertake a more detailed study of one area of the core. The areas include:

  • Home Design and Management

  • Textiles

  • Fashion and Design

  • Social Studies.