Science Department - Introduction

Science in Junior Cycle aims to develop students’ knowledge of and about the world around them. Through practical and team based work, students gain a wide range of skills relevant to Science and applicable to their everyday lives. Science is a core Junior Cycle subject in St. Colmcille's Community School and has three main components, biology, chemistry and physics.

The examination for Junior Science

​The new Junior Cycle Science course was implemented in St. Colmcilles in September 2015. Junior Cycle Science encourages all students to:

  • develop an evidence-based understanding of the natural world

  • develop their ability to gather and evaluate evidence

  • consolidate and deepen their skills of working scientifically

  • become more self-aware as learners and become competent and confident in their ability to use and apply science in their everyday lives

As with all subjects, Science Assessments for the JCPA will have the following components:

  • Two Classroom Based Assessments (CBAs), one to be carried out in second year and the second in third year, to be evaluated by the class teacher.

  • A written Assessment Task, (AT) based on CBA 2 which will be submitted to the SEC for marking.

  • A final exam, of not more than 2 hours, to be taken in June of third year. Classroom Based Assessments

  • One Classroom-Based Assessment will take place in second year and a second Classroom-Based Assessment in third year.


For more information see:

Science Mindmaps

Mindmaps can be a great way of studying science. Click on each of the images below for examples of mindmaps our students have made along with a summary of what you need to know for each chapter.




Science JC photos