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The Mathematics Department consists of all teachers of Mathematics as well as teachers of other subjects who promote Mathematics or others who help to run Mathematics competitions. The aim of the department is to enable our students

  • to be well-versed in the major branches of Mathematics: arithmetic, algebra, geometry, statistics etc. so that they might use these in other aspects of their studies both at school and later in the work-place

  • to develop their use of Mathematics as a tool for solving problems

  • to be able to express and communicate mathematical ideas in a structured, clear and logical way and to be able to use the terminology of Mathematics with precision and clarity

  • to become clear, articulate and logical thinkers

  • to develop a love, fascination and interest in the world of numbers – even when this world can have (in the words of the British Mathematician and philosopher, Bertrand Russell) ‘a beauty cold and austere like that of sculpture’

  • to enjoy Mathematics and be enthusiastic in its pursuit

  • to learn and read about the History of Mathematics and the major Mathematicians from Ireland and the wider world

  • to see Mathematics an organic and developing progression, which has helped to create the modern world – and in which they might play their part in the future

  • to achieve good results in the Junior Certificate and Leaving Certificate examinations (especially in Mathematics and mathematic-related subjects)

  • to participate, enjoy and achieve success in Mathematical Competitions (IJMC, Hamilton Institute Maths Challenge, PRISM as well as various in-house competitions)

The Mathematics Department pledges to operate as a cohesive unit through

  • regular department meetings both formal and informal

  • co-operation and the sharing of ideas

  • discussing and sharing of examples of best practice

  • setting and correcting of homework

  • setting and correcting regular test

  • holding common exams where practicable

  • the induction and continual encouragement of new and part-time teachers

  • maintaining a relevant and interesting Mathematics section in the college library

  • linking with other departments within the school (especially, but not exclusively, the science departments and the department of Computer Technology)

  • active membership of the Irish Mathematics Teachers’ Association and other unions of teachers worldwide

The Mathematics Department recognises that Mathematics is promoted by all those who use it in their teaching: in science. IT and economics, etc. It also recognises that co-curricular activities such as Bridge and Chess contribute to the mathematical competence of students. We hope that our students will come to understand that Mathematics helps them to unravel, understand, and explain the complexities of life on earth. Maths (and the logical thinking which goes with it) provides them with a tool for all of their lives – not just while they are in school.

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