Junior Cycle

Art is a means of visual communication. It is the expression and application of creative skill and imagination in a visual form.

To put it simply, art is a way of looking at the world. After all, the earth without art is just eh! This little word is the doorway to a big world of endless creative possibilities and means of self-expression. The aim of out Art Department is to provide a welcoming, creative and structured space in which our students thrive and develop many life-long skills, such as:

  • Being creative

  • Self-expression

  • Communication

  • Problem solving

  • Collaboration

  • Organisation

  • Self-direction

Students will learn advanced technical skills in order to express their own ideas and develop an appreciation of the aesthetic in the world around them. At the start of first year students can choose to sample Art as an Option Subject for 6 weeks. Students then decide if they wish to do art for the Junior Certificate Examination.

Junior Cycle Project

In 3rd Year, Junior Certificate Art Students receive their Project titles in early October. Each student will complete 3 finished pieces along with a preparatory sheet under the following topics:

  • Painting or Poster

  • Batik or lino (Option)

  • 3D Construction

  • Support Studies

The project is due for completion in early May and is worth 75% of the overall mark. All students will then sit a Life Drawing Exam and Object Drawing Exam in May which makes up the remaining 25%

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Our Student Voices

“I love art because when I’m sad, angry, annoyed, happy, I just let the emotions overcome me and let them travel down my arm, into my hand and express themselves on the canvas. Everything I draw or paint has a piece of me in it, something that makes it mine”.

“Art is a way of expressing yourself, not being afraid to show your emotions through art. Our art room is amazing and you will always feel welcome”.

"What I love about art is that you get to be yourself. You can express yourself through a drawing and be unique. The great thing is that there are no rules in art like there are everywhere else. You can be you. I love the art room because it’s vibrant with colours and many pieces of different art. It’s always warm and welcoming and there is a home feeling to it”.