Student Council

What does the Student Council do?

The Student Council of St. Colmcille’s Community School is a representative body of both Junior and Senior level students. It acts as a medium of communication between the students, staff and management of the school. It aims to promote an active involvement by students in the running of the school. It contributes to the development of school policies and allows students to make suggestions regarding matters of general concern to the student body.

As outlined in the School's Mission Statement, the Student Council of St. Colmcille’s Community School will aim to ensure that “students emerge as confident, adaptable, responsible and caring citizens”. The Student Council also strives to promote better mutual respect, fairness and honesty between staff and students. It hopes that students will develop essential life skills such as listening, diplomacy, compromise, communication and leadership. The Student Council strives to make a positive contribution to every aspect of the school community. It allows students to have their voice heard, understood and to elicit a response from the School Authority. The Student Council is an important part of school life and aims to play a significant role in the development of the school.

Who is on the Student Council?

Student Council

The Student Council consists of fifty representatives in total. The Junior Council comprises twenty four members and the Senior Council comprises twenty six members. Elections are held in September each year and the student representatives hold office for one year. The members meet once a month to discuss issues of concern to the general student body with the Staff Liaison Officer. The Executive Committee consists of the Chairpersons, Vice Chairpersons and the Secretaries (Junior and Senior Cycle).

School Development Planning

The Student Council were a critical part of the consultation process with Pinta regarding the future development plan for St. Colmcille's Community School.

School Devellopmental Planning

Student Council Achievements

Student Council Achievements

Constitutional Changes

We have also made changes to our Student Council constitution.

  1. Student Council meetings had previously been held separately at Junior and Senior levels. All Student Council representatives now meet together. This has resulted in more interesting discussions and more effective decision making.

  2. Many Student Council members felt that they would like to remain on the Student Council for longer than one academic year. As a result, Student Council members will be given the opportunity to remain on the Student Council if no other student in their class wishes to oppose them in the elections held in September. The Student Council constitution has been changed to reflect this.

  3. We now have two additional “continuity members” on the Student Council. These are exemplary student representatives who were previously members of the Student Council but who were not elected for a second term of office. They may be proposed by the Student Council Staff liaison officer and by Management as “continuity members” if they so wish. At the first meeting of the new Student Council each year, the elected members are asked if they are happy to accept the proposed students as the current “continuity members” for this academic year. The Student Council constitution has also been changed to reflect this. This year, Jessica Lyons from 4th Year and Aoife Murphy from 6th Year are our nominated “continuity members”.

Ongoing Issues for the Student Council

Ongoing Issues