Academic Year 2021/22

Junior Cycle

1st Years

Incoming 1st years book package paid directly to the school and all books will be distributed at a later date.

2nd Year

Additional books required for a small number of subjects:

  • French - Allons-y 2 (Physical and e-book)

  • Irish - Turas 3 (physical and ebook) higher level / Turas 2 (physical and ebook) ordinary level

  • Spanish - Que pasa 2 y Diario 2 (physical and ebooks) & Practicamos - Elaine Higgins

  • Music - Sounds Good 2

3rd Year – No Books Required

Third year iPads have been under license with Wriggle for 3 years. All parents paid for the 3 year license when your child started in 1st year. Essentially this means the app store was disabled and Wriggle could push down apps as and when we needed them.

We have moved to a different provider for our iPads, CompuB. There will be a new 3 year licence set up on the iPad which will enable the app store, however only educational apps will be available during school hours (a white list). Any apps downloaded by a student that are not on our white list will not work during school hours. There will be no changes made until the students return in September and our IT Coordinator will explain the process then.

TY – No Books Required

Students are required to have their iPad with them at all times as the iPad is used extensively throughout the school day in most subjects.

Senior Cycle

All 5th and 6th years have the option of using physical books in school. They must have their iPad with them at all times as the iPad is extensively used on a day to day basis in Senior Cycle. They may buy second hand books if they wish however they will not have the option of an ebook if they purchase a physical book second hand.

5th and 6th years can purchase their new books locally and avail of the free ebook by scratching off the redeem code and redeeming it through their publisher account. Some publishers require you to go to their website to redeem, some publishers allow the redeem code to be used through the app.

We would recommend that 5th & 6th year students purchase a stylus for use with the iPad. This is not mandatory. We have found over the past year the stylus has proved to be an invaluable tool while working with the iPad. There are plenty of stylus’ available however the link below is the stylus that the staff were provided with, it worked very well and has proved durable.

  • All the usual stationery needs to be purchased.

  • Pens/pencils/rulers/eraser etc.

  • Geography will require an A4 lever arch folder with poly pockets and dividers and colouring pencils.

  • Project maths copies

  • Calculator

  • Some specific items are also mentioned in the booklist